Hey! I’m Sunny, the smoothie-drinking, geekery-addicted, Winter-infatuated lady behind this blog. I’ve always felt a big strange talking about myself, but I assume that the reason you’re on this page is to learn something about me, hmm? I think I can manage that.

I currently live in the beautiful-but-boiling state of Arizona. I have lots of family and lots of animals, and sometimes I have a hard time telling which is which(a-heh-heh). I work at a local animal shelter where I help people find and adopt the perfect dog or cat. I love working there, even though it does smell pretty awful. 😉

I spend a lot of my free catching up on episodes of Doctor Who and baking things. Usually cupcakes or pie. Sometimes cookies.

Other things I enjoy include reading, painting, Broadway musicals(helllooo Andrew Lloyd Webber!), singing, Guinea pigs, theater, mismatched socks, mango-flavored things, cold weather, Disney things, Basset hounds, Criminal Minds, Christmas decorations, and all that good stuff. I’m sure a quick scroll through this blog will provide you with all sorts of additional information. 🙂

The cartoon on my banner was drawn-up by my good friend Alanna. You can see more of her fantastic drawings/cartoons by clicking HERE. 





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