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What’s on your Misikko wishlist?

23 Jun

Today has been one of those pretty great days. A Bonanza marathon is running on T.V, I got a call about an interview I wanted, and I just found out about a really cool opportunity from Misikko.

If you aren’t familiar with Misikko, they are an online store that specializes in all things hair-care. From fabulous flat irons to hot hair dryers– chances are, if you want it, Misikko’s got it! They even carry a line of hair extensions and hair products like hairspray and repair masks. I’ve ordered a few items from Misikko before, and I have never been disappointed with their prompt delivery and fantastic packaging.

For a while, Misikko has been offering small weekly giveaways via their Facebook page, and decided to switch things up this week by creating a new way to enter along with an extra-special prize. The details? Easy.

All you have to do is create a blog post on your own blog detailing what items would be on your Misikko wishlist, up to $350. From there, the people at Misikko will pick the three best entries and give them their wishlist for free! Pretty neat, huh? Just be sure to get your entry in by July 4th.

Now, of course I had to enter this one! Keep reading to find out what’s on MY Misikko wishlist!

Farouk CHI Rocket Hair Dryer Salon Model

My current hair-dryer is a cute little pink thing. It’s been very good to me over the years, but it’s time for an upgrade. The Farouk CHI Rocket looks like it would be the perfect fit! It’s got two heat settings along with a cool-shot option, and it comes with both a concentrator nozzle and a pick/comb attachment. I’m always looking for ways to save some time in the morning, and many reviewers say that this dryer can get through even thick hair in no time!

Moroccan Oil Intense Hydrating Hair Mask

Those of you who know me know I have a love affair with Moroccan Oil products. Nothing has worked as well for my unmanageable hair than the Moroccan Oil I’ve been using it in. All of my oil has been from Misikko, and I’ve had my eye on this product for a while now. I’ve been on the hunt for a good deep-hydrating mask to help bring some life back to my desert-heat hair.

Corioliss Clipless .7″ Wand Ceramic Curling Iron

I’ve been using regular curling irons for as long as I can remember, and I’ve been wanting to try out a clipless wand for quite some time, ever since more and more people have been raving about them! I like both the size and materials(ceramic and tourmaline) of this one from Corioliss- a brand I’ve used and loved before!

This product seems like it would be a lot of fun! Who doesn’t want to add a bit of healthy shine to their hair? I know I do! It’s a finishing spray, which means no hassle or complicated instructions are needed to work it into your hair. As an added bonus, it’s Moroccan oil– and you know by now how much I love that!

So to wrap things up, I have a question for you– what’s on your Misikko wishlist?

Friday Furnishings

27 Apr

Friday Furnishings is a weekly series about some of my favorite interior design features I’ve com across in my searches to create my dream home. It’s not everyone’s thing, but I love interior design. So here it is.

I love pairing neutrals with bursts of bright color. In clothing, makeup, and of course, furniture. I love, love, love the gray wall and couch with the turquoise and purple pillows. The blue carpet looks surprisingly classy underneath the glass table, and how fabulous is that chandelier? Ugh, dream living room right here, people. (Even the pictures on the molding! Perfection.)

Ceilings. Why do I always forget that you can use ceilings as another way to express your style in your home? I think that the pattern on this ceiling is elegant, simple, and very beautiful. (Plus the chandelier. Please appreciate that as well.) Bonus: If you want to recreate this look in your own home, there’s a tutorial for it on the website!

When it comes to bathrooms and powder rooms, I generally prefer the decor to be antique/delicate, and so I really love this beautiful sink and mirror. The colors are beautiful, pairing the gold with muted creams/whites. Stunning!

I think that this area is either a home library or part of a bedroom, but either way I love how cozy it looks! From the cute curtains and comfy chair, to the glass-pane bookshelves, this room seems comfortable and homey- just the way I would want my home library to be, since right now mine is really just a lot of shelves with no seating.

Dream bathtub right here, people! A matte purple clawfoot tub with beautiful white details? YES AND PLEASE. (The wallpaper isn’t so bad, either!)

I think that antlers are beautiful, but I would never have a real pair of them, so I adore these faux, decorative antlers made from cast-iron. These are designed to be used as a wall-hook, but I think they would look beautiful as a decoration. They’re available for $28 from Etsy.

That’s it for this week’s Friday Furnishings! What do you think of the decor listed above? Love it? Not your style? Let me know!



The Start

28 Mar


It’s a pleasure to meet you all- the few that might stumble across my little corner of the internet. This, as you can probably tell, is the very first post on this brand new blog: Sunny Misdemeanor.

You can call me Sunny, and I will be your host. Or rather, I will be your… author? Anywho! As this blog grows, it will be filled with all sorts of merriment. From the literary, such as book reviews, to the materialistic, like cosmetic tutorials and fun giveaways.  I’ve wanted to start this blog for a while, since the other blogs that I’ve run or helped run in the past have always been based around a very specific thing, so I really wanted to start an “anything and everything” blog, so that I could post what I feel like without worrying about it not fitting into a certain “theme.”

I will be updating as much as I can, and I will try to post valuable content and not just whatever nonsense pops into my head- but expect some of that, too. 😉

To give you a little bit of information on myself: I’m Sunny! I’m a lady currently residing in Arizona, and some of my hobbies including painting, writing, baking cupcakes, long walks on the beach yadda, yadda. I started blogging about three years ago with a beauty and clothing blog that I started with my good friends, Shelly. I’ve since done all sorts of things: book blogs, crafting blogs, Guinea pig care blogs… I’ve seen the world of blogging from all different sides and I love it.

I find writing to be therapeutic, whether it be typing on a keyboard or scribbling down notes with a ballpoint pen. I think that’s one of the reasons I enjoy blogging so much: I can type and type all I want while providing others with a source of education/entertainment.

I also like dogs. There’s that, too.

If you’re interested, stick around! The fun will start soon.