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The Start

28 Mar


It’s a pleasure to meet you all- the few that might stumble across my little corner of the internet. This, as you can probably tell, is the very first post on this brand new blog: Sunny Misdemeanor.

You can call me Sunny, and I will be your host. Or rather, I will be your… author? Anywho! As this blog grows, it will be filled with all sorts of merriment. From the literary, such as book reviews, to the materialistic, like cosmetic tutorials and fun giveaways.  I’ve wanted to start this blog for a while, since the other blogs that I’ve run or helped run in the past have always been based around a very specific thing, so I really wanted to start an “anything and everything” blog, so that I could post what I feel like without worrying about it not fitting into a certain “theme.”

I will be updating as much as I can, and I will try to post valuable content and not just whatever nonsense pops into my head- but expect some of that, too. 😉

To give you a little bit of information on myself: I’m Sunny! I’m a lady currently residing in Arizona, and some of my hobbies including painting, writing, baking cupcakes, long walks on the beach yadda, yadda. I started blogging about three years ago with a beauty and clothing blog that I started with my good friends, Shelly. I’ve since done all sorts of things: book blogs, crafting blogs, Guinea pig care blogs… I’ve seen the world of blogging from all different sides and I love it.

I find writing to be therapeutic, whether it be typing on a keyboard or scribbling down notes with a ballpoint pen. I think that’s one of the reasons I enjoy blogging so much: I can type and type all I want while providing others with a source of education/entertainment.

I also like dogs. There’s that, too.

If you’re interested, stick around! The fun will start soon.